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Lisa and Philippe Boët's insider tours of France's historic, culturally rich and authentic regions have become among the most personal luxury explorations of France since 2006. The Boët's, both French nationals, discover French scenes, experiences and flavors rarely visited by Americans and other tourists. The tours are even acclaimed by savvy French travelers of their own country, who praise the tours for hitting all the important food and wine destinations in France.

Culinary and hospitality professionals with a combined 40 years' experience, and fluent in French language and culture, the Boëts own and operate Chez Boët, a chic French bistro located in historic Old Naples on Florida's Gulf coast. For more than 15 years, their restaurant has served French home cooking to world travelers who visit the sophisticated resort town. Philippe Boët is a native of the Loire Valley and spent 19 years in Paris, and Lisa lived in Paris for 10 years and traveled extensively throughout the hexagon. A food and wine journalist, Lisa graciously shares her intimate knowledge of French cheeses, wines and all things culinary.


The Boëts will show you a side of France that you never knew existed! 


savor the authentic france with us